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Yamaha Consumer Electronics Interactive Press Kit

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Downloadable version coming soon! I have CDs to demonstrate upon request.

Yamaha asked if we could add video to their Electronic Press Kit (EPKs). The contents of the EPKs usually consist of categorized folders with photos, Press Releases and in this case videos. I looked at a few other EPKs with some interactivity; Maybe a video player, Possibly buttons that would take you to a folder. What was always missing was full interactivity that would work cross-platform.

Our objective became the creation of a truly “Interactive Press Kit.” We utilized some simple ActionScript to create a user-friendly interface in Flash. Next we added AppleScript and .bat files to enable the launch of images and word files right from the interface on any computer. We also added the video player that featured some great commercials direct from Yamaha’s Ad Campaigns to drive the point home.

This format quickly became preferred and was easily recreated thanks to the reusable code employed.