Our Work and Portfolio


Keith Knowles of Knowles Kreative needed a partner to help them with the front-end development of the new angelride.org site built on the Concrete5 CMS. The CMS has some similarities to WordPress in terms of it's simplicity for end users. It has much in common with Drupal in terms of how it handles content. The development process is far simpler which in turn allowed for a rapid turnaround. This was very important in the case of this client which needed to go live a month from the beginning of the project.

The website designed by Sally Knowles posed some challenges that I was excited to tackle. We were able to create a site that looked like nothing I had built before–it really stands out when placed up against other sites. Responsive design was an important consideration in the development of the site. It follows best practices for faster download on mobile and a proper experience on both a large desktop monitor or the smallest android screen.

Both Knowles Kreative and AngelRide loved the site and are actively using it as an interactive recruiting tool. The fact that users can easily view videos, upload pictures or download training/ride materials makes it an important asset for this great local organization. Please visit the site and consider participating.