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About Can O' Corn Design

Overview & History

Can O' Corn Design is a small company that I started while working at my first job to take on small projects that I could complete in my free time. As time has passed I have felt a pull to start a business but did not want to do this unless I could offer my clients a full complement of services.

Beginning in the winter of 2008 I saw great potential with the advent of revolutionary web-building tools, the standardization of browsers and the explosion of apps, plug-ins and easy to use content management systems. My day job at a network security company gave me further skills in the creation of collateral and marketing insights that are invaluable to me.

In early 2010 I decided to make Can O' Corn Design a true design company. Already knowing many programmers, writers and other designers I have forged strong working relationships with a network of regional talent. By maintaining a small shop and leveraging the talent that we've worked with I can now offer you affordable and efficient design services in a broad variety of media.